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It's still hot as hellfire in most parts of the States but that doesn’t stop the Fall collections from trickling into the stores in July. I was lucky enough to escape from California to New York City for a few “kick up my heels” kind of days. I ran (literally) around the city, caught up with dear friends, and took in the shopping sights.

Here are five fashion fixations for Fall 2017:

1) Give me anything GOLDEN! This may have to do with my Hubby’s awesome project, The Voyager Golden Record , but I’m not convinced that is the only driver of my current obsession. A certain shade of this glorious color is popping up everywhere! It’s not your traditional girl-next- door kind of gold but more of a blast yourself off kind of gold. Not intended for wallflowers, this color is truly otherworldly. Beam me up!

2) Please do touch. VELVET hits a refresh button in amped up jewel tones and electric golden hues while “casual”wide wale corduroy makes a modern comeback in unexpectedly tailored silhouettes. I am already on the hunt for the perfect pair of gold high waisted trousers in one of these two touchy-feely fabrications.

3) Anything from the Dries Van Noten collection. If you can get your hands on one of his sought-after dusters, don’t waffle. Your wardrobe will thank you! His PRINTS are truly divine this season.  Example: that duster in orange.  

4) Fur and STUDS. I freak for fur. Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of vintage furs and studded denim and leather numbers. But the combo of both sent me over the moon at Prada. Fur-tastic!

5) MATCHY MATCHYThe Marni store in Soho I know is my “happy place.” With the newly-appointed Francesco Risso at the helm, the store and his new collection looked more heavenly than I’ve ever seen. My two must-have items from the collection are the matching 60’s inspired jersey jacquard stirrup pants (yes, they are back!) and mock neck top. What does one wear over that get-up? A studded fur coat, naturally. Blast-off!





I’m not sure where my passion for the past is rooted, but I do know it started during my college years when my internship “income” and my moonlighting as a cocktail waitress in the early 90’s New York City club scene wasn’t enough to fund my new clothes habit. That crushed velvet Betsey Johnson dress that I was swooning over was out of my grasp.

My current wardrobe consists of around forty to fifty percent vintage. That number is mostly driven by my lust for vintage coats, furs, and all things sequined. Right now, Gucci’s collections are vintage-inspired, eclectic, and quite amazing but too rich for my blood. So once again, vintage is the answer for me.

For the first time this summer, A Current Affair’s pop-up vintage marketplace came to theBay Area with more than 70 exhibitors. Meanwhile, San Francisco illustrator Jayde Fish, famed for her Gucci collaboration, brought her curatorial eye to the event by styling mannequins in a beautiful assortment of kaleidoscope-colored ensembles. For me, a Pink Peter Pan sequined dress with a crystal hand brooch, perfectly pinned at the collar, truly stole my heart.

What stunners did I find for my already bursting-at-the-seams closet?

First, I nabbed a white eyelet dress with the most beautiful layered raw cut sleeves. My search for the perfect summer white dress ended instantly. Next, I pulled a 1970s Biba-inspired jacket embroidered with rainbow head-wrap-wearing women mirroring each other on the collar and also the back, like a pair of psychedelic wings. (Lady Vagabond Vintage) Lastly, I scored a black and white Geoffrey Beene op art floor-length dress that’s the embodiment of groovy. (The End).

When it comes to vintage, I love the thrill of the hunt almost as much as what I might find. And if you keep looking, you will always find something incredible. Wearing vintage is a way to separate yourself from the pack, hone in on your individual style, and help the environment by cutting down on textile waste.

Do you dig vintage? If not, give it a whirl!



shopping with tara @ Barney's san francisco

Many people ask me just how I go about updating a client’s wardrobe.

In my personal styling business, I always start by getting to know the person to develop a sense of who they are and their fashion goals. How do they want to be seen? What makes them feel their best? Only then do we open the closet doors. I inventory and analyze every item down to the last pair of worn shoes. Next, I filter out the pieces that clearly don’t help tell the “story” that person wants to tell about themselves. The process is the product. Hours (or days) later, it’s time to make a detailed list of all the items this person needs to create a cohesive wardrobe that reflects who they are.

My client Tara told me she was in dire need of a wardrobe refresh. A spunky single mom with a rising career at Apple, Tara has very little time for herself. Her tendencies were to shop online and gravitate to the same things whether or not
they would elevate her style to where she wanted to be.

Here are a few quick tips that went a long way to helping Tara hit the “refresh” button on her current wardrobe situation:

1) Black Out: If you rely solely on black as the base of your wardrobe, it’s time to let the light in. Seek essentials only in shades of white. For example, an off-white moto jacket,an ivory pair of high-waisted trousers or jeans, and a white tuxedo blazer are far more eye-catching and
modern than their boring black counterparts. Do you tend to wear black from head to toe? Do the same, but with white.

2) Color Theory: Take your favorite color and live in it! In Tara’s case, her favorite color was a punchy shade of pink. Use your color to accent your outfits with eye-candy items that pop. For Tara I pulled a cropped fur capelet,bubble gum pink Louboutins, and a perfectly modern silk shift dress by Lisa Perry. Keep in mind, the rest of your wardrobe, including all the prints, should work back to the color you love.

3) Denim Evolves: It’s probably time to update your denim. As a rule, denim will always be “in” but there is a huge difference in silhouettes and finishes that look current versus dreadfully dated. So, either find yourself an of-the-moment figure-flattering silhouette and plan to replace with a new pair next season or simply stick to the tried-and-true blues. My favorite: the Levi’s 1950’s Marilyn Monroe 701 Jean.

4) Layers Upon Layers: Push yourself to layer your wardrobe in an updated way. Stock your closet with affordable layering basics that allow you to enjoy your special pieces that you would not normally wear on a daily basis. Try layering your lightweight tees and turtlenecks under your silk camisoles or dresses. Find a mesh or fishnet long-sleeved top to dress up your prized iconic tee or punk up your fancy silk dress. By layering basics underneath your treasures, you can add depth and flair to your existing wardrobe. You’ll enjoy what you have even more.


mix and remix 

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You know it’s a good morning when you wake to a text from a friend that her cousin in Helsinki spotted you in a street style spread in a Finnish magazine: Anna

Here’s the loose translation: “San Francisco is a relaxed, colorful, and versatile city, and so is its residents’ personal style”

In the photo, I’m wearing an extreme mix of high and low, vintage and new:My tried-and-true leather studded jacket from Marc Jacobs, vintage silk YSL candy-striped blouse, metallic silver pleated skirt from Zara, an “oldie but goodie” YSL belt, Gucci zebra shoes, and a vintage Gucci handbag.

That’s quite a mix, and for me that’s where the magic emerges. I love blending designer with fast fashion finds and vintage scores, and then
punctuating it all with go-to staples from my wardrobe.

How do you and the fashionable people in your city mix it up?

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Where to LOOK

I met the nomadic Liisa Jokinen back in 2016 at San Francisco’s annual Noise Pop Block Party. Originally from Helsinki, Liisa is founder of the street style site Hel Looks. In 2014 she relocated to San Francisco where she continued her on-trend trajectory and started a sister style site, SF Looks. With her photo eye, Liisa documents people who are stepping outside of style normalcy and helps spread inspiration beyond the streets.

Liisa is not only a fantastic photographer, her sweetness is infectious. Even as she looks through the camera lens, she makes people feel at home in their own skin and in turn captures the true essence of their personal style.

Since we met, Lissa has moved (again), this time to New York City where she’s launched (yep, you guessed it) NYC Looks. So if you need a little street style inspiration from the ultra-dazzling people in the Big Apple, now you know where to look.